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Urban Cure


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return our public assets back to community use 
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Asset of Community Value
informing our
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empowering our community for change

“The over-riding goal is community empowerment…. In a sense we are moving from an assumption that the state’s role is to try and solve all social problems, to one where the state’s role is to help communities solve their own problems”. 

(Quirk: Making Assets Work 2007)

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Helping public assets work for our community

Confident, capable and ambitious community groups and social entrepreneurs can succeed on the flimsiest of asset bases and despite the apathy of established authority. But they are more likely to succeed if they are less under-capitalised and if they receive support and assistance from local public and other agencies. 


(The Quirk Review of community management and ownership of public assets 2007)


Urban Cure CIC was established in March 2022 by founder Dee Curtis to support the Council Covid-19 regeneration of the City of Southend-on-Sea. Our activities will be conducted to benefit inhabitants of Essex, and the UK to provide opportunities to those who would normally be denied the chance to improve their participation within their community.

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